Saturday, November 15, 2014


I just wanted to give a huge happy shout out  of thanks to all those wonderful reviewers that took the time to read and post a review for PROTECTING HIS WITCH! You Guys are *awesome*.

"…if your a fan of sexy, hilarious books than you should definitely read this like NOW.” – Can’t Talk I’m Reading

"I absolutely LOVED this book & Ms. Forward totally EARNED my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this paranormal romance!" Patty McKenna on AVON Romance

"...well written and exciting. I look forward to read the next book in this series by Zoe Forward." - The Reading Cafe

"Filled with action, magic, an anti-magic-fanatic-killer-secret-society, and a very steamy and hot destined-for-each-other couple, Protecting his Witch has everything I look for in a Paranormal book."  - EDGyReviews

"Protecting His Witch was a really good paced and engaging, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series!" - Book Liaison

"Protecting His Witch is a fun, magical read...Readers will be kept on their toes from beginning to end." - Gothic Moms Paranormal Book Reviews

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