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Fall Into Romance Blog Hop & Giveaway

In honor of the Fall into Romance Hop (September 13-21) I’m featuring two books that made me fall in love with the romance genre years ago.

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 Leave me a comment: What book made you fall in love with the romance genre?

Son of the Morning by Linda Howard. A book layered in fantasy, magic and love. This is a different take on romance since the hero and heroine don’t even meet face-to-face until page 281, and it’s a twist on time travel. But you’ll fall in love with the blending of contemporary and historical fiction  with some exceptional research written by a master.

Remembrance by Jude Deveraux. Soulmates, past lives, and reincarnation. Of all her books this one just stands out. This isn’t a light romance. There’s a lot of heartbreak and drama before the characters get it right. Best quote: “You can’t be happy in this life because of what happened in your past lives.”

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Marked By Books: Review of Dawn of a Dark Knight by Zoe Forward

"This is certainly what you would call an "eye-opener!" This is one of the most detailed, exciting, non-putter-downer books that I have ever had the privilege to read. And no, I am not just being biased because I have a thing for butt-kicking, tall, dark, sexy, virtually unbeatable men.... Or maybe I am....Shhh....."
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Forgotten in Darkness

By Zoe Forward

Book Two in the Scimitar Magi series
From the Wild Rose Press

Cover Artist: Rae Monet Designs

Release Date: January 3, 2014

After an unjustified two-century stint in purgatory, Scimitar Magus Dakar returns to the human realm, renewing his eons-old curse. Once again he must murder the woman he loves. To break the vicious cycle, he must kill her before she strikes her deathblow, something he's never done in the past.

Archaeology grad student, Shay McGinnis, suffers a near-death attack in pursuit of a piece of Scimitar Magi lore.  But did the magnificent warrior who pinned her to the wall injure her or the daemon he fought?  In her search for answers, she draws the attention of both an ancient evil sorcerer and the warrior Dakar. The attraction between her and Dakar is instant, and for Shay confusing. She wants to be with him, but intuition equates him with death. Not random death. Hers. 

Will this be the lifetime they break the curse before they are murdered by an age old enemy or worse kill each other yet again?