Sunday, May 31, 2020

Keepers of the Veil Facelift

Looking for a smoldering PNR to get your magic witchy fix?
Check out the new look to the Keepers of the Veil series!


This series has won numerous awards! Here's what a few people have said about them:

“Great series for lovers of all things magic and deity related.” – Gothic Mom’s Reviewers

"...a very exciting adventure that will hold you on the edge of your seat... This is a fun exciting series, which I wholly recommend." -The Reading Cafe

"...a fascinating paranormal wold full of intrigue and captivating characters is a thrilling experience from beginning to end." -Literary Addicts

“Filled with action, magic, an anti-magic-fantaic-killer-secret-society, and a very steamy and hot destined-for-each-other-couple...everything I look for in a paranormal book.” –EDGy Reviews

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Review: Arctic Bite by N.J. Walters

I'm so excited to share my thoughts on the newest by N.J. Walters after I was lucky enough to get an ARC. Isn't the cover gorgeous?

What it's about?
Being immortal doesn’t mean you can’t die. It just means you’re damn hard to kill.

When Alexei Medvedev joined the Forgotten Brotherhood--paranormals hired to assassinate other paranormals--he knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk. But his next target is one of Death’s own Reapers gone rogue. For the first time since he started this gig, “damn hard to kill” feels more like “damn near impossible.”

Tracking Cassie Dobbs brings him to a remote bar in small-town Alaska, where this hot-as-hell Reaper is casually serving drinks, as if she doesn’t have a bounty on her head from Death himself. Alexei is dangerously intrigued. Everyone in the Brotherhood knows the first rule: don’t fall for your target.

But Alexei soon has bigger problems to face than an unexpected attraction. They only send assassins after those who deserve to die...or so he’s been made to believe. Now that he’s met Cassie, though, he’s not so sure.

What if everything he’s been told is a lie, and the person he’s been sent to kill is the only one who knows the truth?

Each book in the Fury Unleashed series is STANDALONE:

* Fury Unleashed

* Arctic Bite.

My thoughts:
What a fun ride! Arctic Bite is the second in the Forgotten Brotherhood series by N.J. Walters which is proving to be one not to miss. Just loved these two characters together. We have a polar bear shifter and, yes, Alexei Medvedev is super tall in real life, a bit growly and a hired assassin! Of course, he receives a contract to kill our spitfire heroine, Cassie, who’s not exactly a normal human either, having been a reaper who takes souls to the afterlife...although retired from this. Their connection is electric as the two of them must figure out why someone wants her dead. And the plot twist at the spoilers here but it was *amazing* with the big reveal...loved this book. Masterfully written with beautiful characterizations. This is a standalone; no need to read the previous. The cover is gorgeous. This book is an adventure to read.

Friday, May 15, 2020

FB Live Event on 5/16/20!

Mark your calendar to join me and author Mariah Ankenman on 
Saturday May 16 at 9pm EST/6pm PST 
for a FB Live event on the Escondido Library page. 


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!!

Wishing all moms of 2-legged or 4-legged beasties a Happy Mother's Day! πŸ’–

Friday, May 8, 2020

Service dog side kicks...or are they the heroes?

As a veterinarian I’ve had the privilege of tending many exceptional medical alert and seeing-eye dogs over the years. These dogs change lives by enabling their person to thrive. Each is fascinating in his or her specialties such as one of my patients, a Labrador named Raven, who can sniff out a dangerous drop in his seven year-old person’s blood sugar, a gift that saved this boy from countless seizures. And the Golden Retriever, Chip, who senses when his mom is about to have a seizure.

 These are super powers. They’re real, not fictional. 

Beyond their super power and years of intense training, each dog develops a profound dedication to their person. Years ago, I spent many office visits helping a college student treat her seeing-eye dog’s skin allergies. She was one of the most conscientious pet owners I’ve ever helped, taking meticulous notes on her braille recorder at each visit to provide the best care for her little Labrador mix. Bella was her lifeline. Without Bella she couldn’t attend classes or live her life. One day, a few days after a visit when we felt we were finally winning with Bella’s allergies, she and Bella were at a bus stop waiting for her ride to school. A drunk driver swerved. Bella jumped in front of the car, pushing her mom out of the way to safety. Bella gave her life to save her mom’s. Beyond how much my heart hurts whenever I think about this beautiful dog, no words can express how humbled I am by her. Tears always cloud my eyes when I reflect on Bella’s love for her mom. 

Now we are finally seeing these under-the-radar superheroes appear in books. I paid homage to a seizure alert dog, Gump, in my newest contemporary romance, Ask Me To Game. Of course, he’s not only a life-saving working dog, but also he makes an exceptional wingman to our hero, Michael in charming Emma. So Gump might be a bit of a bed hog. And he might like to sit on the toes of the people he likes. He’s an adorable doofus who makes me just want to give him a giant squeeze.

When we read these characters with their soulful brown eyes and mysterious, almost magical, abilities to make their person’s life livable, we can’t help but allow that furry creature to steal the show just a little bit... okay, maybe a lot.

Read about a hero with a super service dog in my newest:
HOT billionaire
Slow burn to smoldering
All the feels
Forbidden romance with all the ALPHA swoon
A nerd hero and his service dog that’ll melt your heart

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"...will hold you on the edge of your seat... a fun exciting series, which I wholly recommend." - The Reading Cafe ★★★★★

 "I loved the weaving of the Greek Gods and Goddess into the story...pretty action packed with a dash of mystery... A fun read!"  - BCD Book Review ★★★★★

 "...a captivating story filled with passion, action, and danger...a great mythology that was basically an extension of Greek mythology mixed in with witches!" -All Things Urban Fantasy ★★★★

 Pleiades witch Shannon Randolph has been framed for a theft she didn’t do. She has one week to return a stolen relic to the god it belongs or she will be executed. What’s worse? Evil magic-wielding wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her to get it. But the biggest danger is Merck. This sexy, dangerous witch-hunter who understands all forms of magic might be her only hope. Enlisting his help may require she be a very naughty witch. The moment Shannon strolls back into Jason Merck’s life he’s in trouble. There’s something about the witch he can’t resist, but he must. The witch hunter cannot date the witch.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

99c Super Sale

πŸ’₯Right now I have TWO books 
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