Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sneak Preview from Darkness Unbound

Here's a taste of DARKNESS UNBOUND, releasing November 21. For those of you who love the brothers, Kane and Markus, as much as me I couldn't resist sharing this scene between the two of them. They are such hilarious characters:

Kane planted his butt on the closed toilet and pressed his thumbs into his eye sockets, desperate to halt the hum in his brain.
“You’re freaking me out, Kane.”
Kane blinked at Markus in the doorway. “Yeah. I know.”
“What’s up?”
“I’ve just been strapped into a rollercoaster from hell with no brakes.”
“I thought that shit you did in Sumatra going in with Astrid to free twenty kidnap victims was insane. After that stunt everything else is a downhill slide. What could be worse than that?”
“They made me one of them.”
“Who made you one of what?” Markus blew a green bubble whose small pop echoed in the bathroom.
“A magus. They made me a magus. Like Astrid.” Kane pressed his thumb into the side of his forehead. The easy way out of this migraine was to see Kira, but he wouldn’t.
Markus blew another bubble. It popped. He smacked a few loud chews. “Oh.”
Kane grinned. “That’s it? That’s all you’ve got for me? And here I thought you might pull some piece of earth-shattering philosophy out of your ass to clear my mind fuck.” He shook his head and chuckled.
Markus lifted his shoulders and dropped them. He chewed his gum open-mouthed in a grin. “Could be worse.”
“You could’ve borrowed a Persian sandstone icon from a sheik who got pissed and took out an international contract on your life.”
“I got you out of that one,” Kane said. “Not easily. It cost me a lot, but I got you free.”
“Yeah, but you hitched me a ride out of Turkey in a chicken truck. There were like a thousand of those scrawny turds in there with me. They’re mean little bastards when they’re hungry. One tried to eat my thumb. I still have nightmares that half my thumb’s gone, and I wake up with the smell of chicken shit in my nostrils.”

A snort laugh erupted from Kane. “You win.”

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