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NEW RELEASE & GIVEAWAY: Under Pressure by Lori Foster

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This is the first book in her brand-new Body Armor series, featuring her trademark alpha-male heroes and strong-willed heroines, who risk everything to save one another from the deadly forces that seek to destroy them.

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He can protect anything except his heart

Leese Phelps's road hasn't been an easy one, but it's brought him to the perfect job—working for the elite Body Armor security agency. And what his newest assignment lacks in size, she makes up for in fire and backbone. But being drawn to Catalina Nicholson is a dangerous complication, especially since it could be the very man who hired Leese who's threatening her.

What Catalina knows could get her killed. But who'd believe the sordid truth about her powerful stepfather? Beyond Leese's ripped body and brooding gaze is a man of impeccable honor. He's the last person she expects to trust—and the first who's ever made her feel safe. And he's the only one who can help her expose a deadly secret, if they can just stay alive long enough…


“Romantic thriller veteran Foster has been honing her skill for a long time, and it’s clear she’s at the top of her game here. Readers will find themselves, along with her colorful cast of supporting characters, rooting for a happy-ever-after.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Teasing and humorous dialogue, sizzling sex scenes, tender moments, and overriding tension show Foster’s skill as a balanced storyteller. She sets up a continuing story line for the series with the mystery of who murdered the firm’s founder, Sahara’s brother, but this thread never overwhelms the gripping main story, which will leave readers breathless.”

- Publishers Weekly


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Cat couldn’t look at him. She felt ridiculous.
And pretty wonderful.
She wanted him. And that worried her.
Moving on would be for the best. But where? And how?
And damn it, she didn’t want to go. She wanted to snuggle up with him again. She wanted the unaccount­able peace of mind he afforded her. Why he afforded it, she had no idea.
This morning, crowds filled the lobby and she real­ized what she hadn’t last night: she looked terrible. In the nice hotel, most were dressed in expensive coats and leather boots, their hair salon-styled, their manners impeccable.
Standing to her right, Justice again hauled her big, broken suitcase and that made them stand out like a sore thumb. Not because of the guys, but because of her.
At her other side, Leese took her arm, drawing more than a few probing stares. “Ready?”
Did he touch her so she wouldn’t feel so out of place? Probably. She wouldn’t put much past him.
Or maybe the crowds made him as nervous as they made her. She could practically feel people watching, but with menace, disdain for her downtrodden appearance or curiosity given her man-candy bookends?
Maybe he thought she’d run if he didn’t hold on to her.
Or maybe he felt the same remainder of simmering intimacy that kept her too warm. She’d slept with him—and loved it.
UNDER PRESSURE - RWB teaser 1She realized both Leese and Justice watched her. With a subdued nod, she allowed them to lead her outside.
Crisp, cold air filled the parking garage, undisturbed by the morning sunshine. She’d left her hair down to help keep her ears warm, and dressed in a bulky sweater over a long-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, thick socks and the trusted boots.
Still she shivered.
Of course Leese noticed. “Start the car,” he told Jus­tice. “I’ll put the luggage away.”
“You riding in back again?”
Leese gave her a long, level look. “Yeah.”
Shoving her hands in the pockets of her coat and ducking her face, Cat said, “You don’t have to babysit me. I’m not going anywhere.” Probably.
“We have to talk, remember?” He brought up her chin. “That’ll be easier to do if I’m sitting with you.”
Insane that his fingers were warm despite the cold. “Suit yourself.”
“I think I will.”


“Foster writes an action-packed story that has everything her readers have come to love about her books…. Foster continues to prove why she is a mega-talent in the romance world!”

- Jennifer Wilson, RT Book Reviews


Lori Foster - Author photo     LORI FOSTER is a New York Times, USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of more than 55 titles, beloved for her contemporary romance novels revolving around alpha males and the women they fall for. Lori has been a recipient of the prestigious RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy, and for Contemporary Romance. For more about Lori, visit her website at LoriFoster.com, or check out these online locations where she interacts with readers: Facebook.com/LoriFoster, Twitter.com/LoriLFoster, Goodreads and Pinterest.com/lorilfoster. You can also sign up for her monthly newsletter at LoriFoster.com/Newsletter.    

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RELEASE WEEK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Surrender by Lisa Renee Jones

A New release by Lisa Renee Jones! The final installment in the Careless Whisper Series.

What It's About:

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones returns with the third book in the sexy, suspenseful Careless Whispers series.

Passion burns fiercely hot between Ella Ferguson and Kayden Wilkens, the man who held secrets and lies in his hands, and then allowed them to fall into hers. But even though he has become her anchor–helping her recover from amnesia after finding her unconscious in an alley, and allowing her into his secret world–all is not what it seems. Kayden still has secrets, and pieces of Ella’s past are still shrouded in the darkness of her mind, while the powerful man who hunts her will not stop until she is his. In this final, explosive novel in the Careless Whispers series, Ella discovers that while her life with Kayden didn’t begin in that dark alley…it could easily end there.

Amazon: http://bit.ly/SurrenderAmazon



This is book 3 in the Careless Whispers Series, and I was not warned that this series must be read in order.  So, I read this as a stand alone. There’s a lot I didn’t understand in the beginning (the characters and what in the world was going on). Therefore, it took a while for me to get into this book. That tainted my experience a bit.

In Surrender our heroine, Ella, is struggling to regain memory and she does. It’s fast-paced action suspense with hot sexy times. The author is a wonderful writer, great at characters, and certainly has created an intriguing word. Ella is involved with two mafia stepbrothers: Niccolo and Neuville and must figure out how and why. There’s also a possible connection to the CIA and a butterfly necklace which factors into everything. She has to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle with time ticking.

Overall, Surrender was a captivating romantic suspense. I’d recommend read the first two in the series before this one. I’m going back to pick those up and fill in the gaps.

*Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

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  Lisa Renee Jones Bio:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series, which is now in development for a television show to be produced by Suzanne Todd of Team Todd (Alice in Wonderland). Suzanne Todd on the INSIDE OUT series: Lisa has created a beautiful, complicated, and sensual world that is filled with intrigue and suspense. Sara’s character is strong, flawed, complex, and sexy - a modern girl we all can identify with. I’m thrilled to develop a television show that will tell Sara’s whole story - her life, her work, her friends, and her sexuality.
In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is presently working on a dark, edgy new series, Dirty Money, for St. Martin's Press.
Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.
Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at www.lisareneejones.com and she is active on Twitter and Facebook.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Relase day & Giveaway: Resignation Letter by T A Moorman

A new book by  T. A. Moorman...

What it's about?
The first in a serial series of non-fiction short stories of a life that has seen too much heartbreak.

Loving someone isn't easy. Accepting the one you love may not love you back is even more difficult. Step into a world where more nightmares live than dreams.

Sometimes, real life has even more drama than the most popular of Soap Operas.

ONLY 99c for a limited time...



About The Author:
When you become a Mom, you begin to put yourself last, and your combat boots begin to collect dust. Going to your child's PTA meetings in full Gothic, especially industrial, regalia is pretty much frowned upon. Especially by your own children, and your teens would die of a heart attack. But, one should not have to completely stop being themselves, uniqueness is greatness. So all of that darkness is put into words in her books, her first title Witch Wars, and designs in her jewelry sold in her Etsy shop, GothicMomsDarkCharms.

A mother of five beautiful children, but by far more than just that. T. A. Moorman is an artist, a violinist, a seamstress, a crafter, a writer, a blogger, a reviewer, a dark confidant and a darkly dangerous, fiercely protective friend.

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A hidden society of vampires—and the humans they love—are at the heart of this opening novel in a biting, all-original series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers saga.

Rafe DaSilva is an energy vampire, soaking up nourishment from the sun—and, only when necessary, drawing sweet sustenance from humans who are pure in body and spirit. As the right-hand man to his queen, Rafe is a key player at a historic peace summit in New York City, which will unite the vampire nations against a common threat: the sycophants, who feed on humanity and kill indiscriminately. But Rafe’s fascination with a beautiful blond police detective may put everything at risk.

Detective Renee Holden has never worked a homicide quite like this. The victim has twin puncture wounds on his neck, and the only eyewitness swears she saw a vampire. Now’s definitely not the time to get distracted by a seductive stranger. But the suave, darkly austere, exotically handsome Rafe DaSilva is a hard man to deny, and as Renee falls under his spell, she also falls prey to his enemies. Desperate to protect her, Rafe lifts the veil on a shadow realm she can only visit—a world of intoxicating power, terrifying dangers, and forbidden pleasures.




I think the world of this author and the worlds she creates. I was thrilled to see a new series coming out (The Energy Vampires) and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was fortunate enough to be able to get an ARC. Sadly, this one was just okay for me. On the up side there was melt-the-page heat between the hero/Heroine which the cover does seem to advertise, although perhaps not as hawt as the cover. This aspect of the story came through as seems to be the strength of this author’s writing. The plotline wasn’t unique with the heroine a cop working a murder that looks to be done by a vampire (or sycophant as the gone-bad vamps are referred to in the novel) and the hero who is a vampire who hunts or polices the “bad” vampires.
I had issues with conflicting characterization points for both characters. Rafe was initially made out to be a womanizing rebel, but then when he interacts with the heroine he is over-the-top polite and not at all the bad boy I expected. Maybe this was the author's attempt at having him be an antiquated guy of a different era? For the heroine she’s a cop but doesn’t come off jaded or as tough as I’d expect for a NYC Homicide detective.  On the technical side there significant use of passive phrasing.

This story has echoes of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series in it, although the method of inhaling essences was intriguing.

Was it a fun read? Yes. Was it like Frank’s other series? No. Would I recommend this: Yes to someone who has not read a lot of other vampire PNR series.