Saturday, October 17, 2015

My writing corner smells like a deodorized port-a-potty...need superpower

Everyone wants a superpower, right? Or, you’ve at least been asked at some point in a silly game to choose which of all superpowers you’d want to have. Come on, you’ve had to think about it at least once. Realistically, we don’t choose which superpower we’d want based on the altruistic ideal of saving the world. We choose it based on what we think sounds cool or might be personally helpful. Just keeping it real. :)

I’ve decided. I need the superpower of eliminating any odor. This is critical. After sitting in my writing corner (and it really is a corner; I fight with a young son and husband who have claimed 80% of the available real estate inside the house) where one of my dogs has peed, not once but twice (see dog to the right...yeah, she's super cute until she pees on the floor), I'm done with smells. I’ve steam cleaned, deodorized and done it again. I’ve cleaned the hardwood beneath the area rug. Sure, the next logical step is to toss the area rug, but the darn thing sits under a 300+ pound ancient (ugly) desk…so not happening. Now I resorted to Glade deodorizer. My writing corner smells like a deodorized port-a-potty. And, I am convinced I need this superpower: Super Odor Eliminator.

Imagine...your writing corner smells like dog pee and then...Ka-Zap. No more smell. Only the fresh tingly scent of CLEAN AIR.
Your dog get skunked? Zap…no more need to pour tomato juice, coke or any other online weirdo cocktail so that he smells like a skunked bloody mary.
Your toddler spill milk on the sofa but no one told you for three days? Ka-Zap…no more stinky sofa.

Yeah, this is a spectacular super power. Anyone know where there's a vat of toxic waste guaranteed to give me this superpower? I'm there.

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