Thursday, October 29, 2015

Get Wicked With Entangled Blog Hop

Ah, fall is here....The trees are changing, the weather is cooling off too fast, and there’s nothing more I like to do than curl up with a good book…until my little one realizes I’ve actually been still for thirty seconds. (Let the cries of, “let's play a game” and “the dog peed on the carpet again” commence).

I crave those few minutes that I can escape into a romance novel that’s hot enough to keep it warm inside when the weather’s dropping outside. How about a hot paranormal read? Try His Witch to Keep… There are no vampires or were-shifters or ghosts or goblins. Instead, there is a fantastically dark, yummy super spy hot-ty-hot of a hero. He has all the elements of the perfect anti-hero – he’s dreamy, just a little cynical, and in need of more than a little salvation. And, who best to provide it than our witchy kick-ass heroine, Serenity?

Wanting her was one thing. Keeping her was another...
Serenity Danssaert is in trouble. Not even her MI6 training or her powers as one of the seven Pleiades witches is going to save her sister.  Then Alexi Jovec shows up. While his need to own Serenity—body, soul, and beyond—is nearly unbearable, it's also forbidden. He's the last man who could ever be her destined. Besides, Hades's right-hand man cannot bond with a chosen Pleiades witch. He may be the one man who can protect her, but she can never be his to keep. 


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