Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sneak Peek: Hooked on a Witch

So excited to have you read Shannon and Merck's story...coming this fall. Hoping for September.
There's a lot of magic in this book: warlocks, voodoo, Greek gods and goddesses, and druids.

Here's a sneak peek at the next installment in the Keepers of the Veil Series:

“You can’t help me. So I need to talk to people who might know something,” Shannon said.
“You have no idea what you’d be up against.”
“I’m fully capable of dealing with whatever comes my way. I’ll do whatever I need to in order to get this situation resolved. Sounds like Owen or his undead fiancée may be my only leads.” She pushed to get past Merck.
He caught her arm, spun her, and caged her against the refrigerator. His palm supported her chin and fingers wrapped her jaw. “Anaïs is as strategic as she is cunning. She targeted you. It’s not over with her. The stupidest thing you can do is waltz onto her turf, whether you go alone or with your druids.”
She struggled against his hand until he released her face. She bucked, getting herself locked tighter between him and the refrigerator. “Get off me.”
“Not until you promise you won’t do something reckless like fly out to California.”
“Since I’m on my own, I’ll decide my next step. I’m not even sure if you and I are on the same team or if you want to be enemies. We could be on the same team...” She stared at the temptation of his lips. Was she above a little seduction? Naughty witch time. With a smile she leaned in and kissed him hard.
Her body trembled with the force of emotions swirling in her brain. Control slipped away as she fell victim to the mad addiction to succumb and let him take over. For days she’d been wound up, frightened and tangled, needing an outlet. Now it presented itself. Those emotions eagerly funneled themselves into her kiss.
He pulled back. “You’re not seducing your way out of this.” He leaned forward, his lips inching close to hers, but then he ducked away. The tip of his nose brushed her jawline.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop

What better way to splash into summer vacation than finding some romance novels that feature extreme sports athletes? There aren't that many out there but I found a few that
 I thought were great reads:

Do you have any sports romance novels you recommend?

Here's a little something to help you enjoy your summer even more. One winner will win an Amazon GC and another will win their choice of an ebook I've written.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Coming soon...

Only 3 weeks and then THE WAY YOU BITE WIL BE HERE.


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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Golden Quill Contest WINNER- Playing the Witch's Game

So excited...Playing the Witch's Game WON!
Haven't read it yet? Then here's your chance to grab a copy:

Sunday, June 4, 2017

REVIEW: How to Ruin Your Reputation in Ten Days by Harmony Williams

Congratulations Harmony Williams on your new release! I was fortunate to get an ARC of the book and it was a great read.

What it's about:
In 1814 London, England, a lady is defined as a demure, delicate flower. Miss Francine Annesley is not that lady. If men were like plants, she would have a garden of admirers to choose from instead of the thorn in her side since childhood, Julian Beckwith. But she would make an even worse nun than she does a lady, which will be her fate if she can't dig up a husband before the Season ends. However, Julian is not an option.

With only ten short days left in the Season, Francine doesn't have time to waste on petty squabbles or knee-weakening kisses, even if Julian's offer to fulfill her every wish rouses her curiosity. It seems men are more complicated than plants. Too bad love bloomed at the most inconvenient of times... 

Want your own copy:  AMAZON  | B&N | iTUNES  | Kobo

My thoughts:

This is the second in Harmony Williams’ Ladies of Passion series. I didn’t read the first in the series, but had no trouble following the storyline. Honestly, I haven’t read a historical romance in a long time but I enjoyed the book. However, it is in first person, which is unusual for the genre. In this story we follow Francine Annesley who’s on the marriage market and fairly desperate for a husband, having been on the market for several seasons. Enter our hero, Julian Beckwith, an old friend she hasn’t seen in ages. He’s not titled, which is a problem for Francine’s mother but you can tell these two are meant for each other from the start. We are given an enjoyable friends to lovers romance.  This my first Harmony Williams read but it won’t be the last. She’s got a wonderful voice and true talent for emotion. This is a sweet, funny and utterly adorable read from start to finish.

*Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review*