Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Paws Blog Hop

Furry friends, books and prizes....what's better?

Meet my biggest supporter when writing. She's at my feet always ready to clean up any food that accidentally hits the floor. She drives us crazy because she will eat anything. I'm a veterinarian and I've taken her in to my clinic four times this year after she ingested something plastic that didn't quite agree with her system. Just yesterday she puked up a sock, a plastic bracelet and some nebulous green plastic that we still have yet to determine its origin. LOL. She's got a gastrointestinal tract to be awed since I've not yet had to do surgery or endoscopy to remove any items. I've got a steam vac on my Christmas wishlist. :)

Here's my plastic-eating wonder -- Misty:

And now to prizes (I know the real reason you're's the holiday season and we all want to win win win)! I'm celebrating the release of the second in my paranormal romance Scimitar Magi Series: FORGOTTEN IN DARKNESS. It might not star any four-legged furries but it's a passionate adventure that you shouldn't miss. 
I've got two prizes...Yes TWO. The first place winner wins an Amazon Gift Card and the Runner-up wins a Kindle Copy of FORGOTTEN IN DARKNESS. Good Luck. Don't forget to keep hopping.

Leave a comment: What's the most "amazing" thing your pet has done this year?

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Happy Holidays!


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  1. Princess likes to cuddle up above my head or my DH's head on our pillows , sometimes she takes over the whole pillow. Then hisses if we dare to even try and move her LOL.

  2. My puppy housebroke herself this year. She is TRULY amazing!!

  3. I don't have a pet anymore, but I had a bunny that ate a whole bath towel once...


    1. And lived after eating it?! That's the amazing part. :)

  4. My cat Ginger licks my golden labrador retriever Bailey's ears whenever he has an ear ache. I love these two kids. They look after each other better than my nieces and nephews look after each other. Talk about training kids through your pets behavior. Being a vet is hard work Zoe. I don't know how you do it.

  5. It is so fascinating that often one pet will lick the other in the area that is sick. I have one family that we use this as an indicator that the dog has a relapse of anal sac disease. Dogs (and sometimes cats) do love to lick icky smelling things.

  6. Our dog has a talent for eating Kleenexes. We can throw them away but wont matter, he has a special talent of find them and eating them.

  7. My newest rescue learned to play catch and she learned how to bounce the ball herself so she is easily amused ;)

  8. My kitten Warlowe has learned some tricks.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. My two cats have been with me for quite some time, so nothing they do surprises me any longer, I know all their tricks:) It's me who never learns not to leave a meat sandwich on a table with a cat in a room:)

  10. Probably the most amazing thing my dog did this year was that I was able to keep a "costume" (a Santa hat) on her for more than ten seconds. She hates anything on her head, so it's amazing when I can get her to keep something on long enough for me to take pictures.