Monday, March 21, 2016

RELEASE DAY GIVEAWAY for PLAYING THE WITCH'S GAME...and it's on sale for 99c!!

Nikolai & Jen's wild adventure on an extreme survival reality TV show is HERE.

Even a good witch knows how to play dirty....

Pleiades witch Jennifer Marcos is certain that the host of Extreme Survivor is her soulmate. All she has to do is find a fake boyfriend, get on the show, and voila! She'll have her destiny. Unfortunately, she has to rely on ex-Russian spy Nikolai Jovec's six-foot-something of gorgeous, infuriating hotness. To make matters worse, the electric attraction between Jen and Nikolai is hotter than ever. But the only way Nikolai can protect Jen is by hiding the identity of her true Destined...him.

ON SALE (99c)

Here's one of my favorite excerpts from the book:

“Angel, I could stay right here all night. Make us a fire and eat snake. We could miss that meeting and have us a nice campout before we get shipped home.”
She stumbled backward and murmured, “You shouldn’t have started that.”
His gaze darted to the camera and he granted her a cocky smile. “I had to remind the world that Brunette Barbie is all mine.”
She jumped forward and kneed him in the balls.
He doubled over.
 “I warned you not to mention the Barbie thing again.” Jen fisted her hands on her hips while Nikolai gripped his knees and shook his head.
“What the hell was that for?” His eyes glittered dangerously.
She picked at a nail. “I seriously doubt Barbie would be caught dead in this outfit.” She plucked at the neckline that plunged low between her breasts. “I mean the colors alone are hideous. Green and brown? Who selects green and brown when going on a TV show in the woods? Why not hot pink and blue? This will not look good on TV. The show has seriously got to rethink its wardrobe choices.”

He glared the promise of retaliation as he gingerly stood upright. “You are more dangerous than anything on this godforsaken pile of rocks.”
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A release day giveaway just for you guys:
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Thank you guys so much for your enthusiasm for this series. I can't wait to hear what you think about Nikolai and Jen's adventure.

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