Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cover Reveal: His Seductive Target by Nichole Severn

It's the sequel in Nichole Severn's Afterlife series! And here's the cover...

She’s the one who can break his deal with the devil…and his next target.
NYPD Homicide Detective Veranika Russo used to hunt monsters every day on the job. Even though she’s been suspended from active duty, she can’t resist investigating her sister’s murder. But doing so triggers hallucinations that haven’t haunted her since childhood: demons. Only the demons are real. And one of them killed her sister.

Special Agent Grayson Wyatt of the FBI has signed a deal with the Deceiver himself to bring Nika to him by the next full moon. In exchange for his soul. But his seductive target makes him yearn for a life he hadn’t realized he wanted and, when it comes down to handing her over, he’s not sure he can give up the only woman capable of severing his deal with the devil.

On the run from the most powerful evil in the world, Nika and Grayson fight against time to track down the demon that killed her sister, but can she really trust the one man she fears the most?

He had no intention of turning her over to the Deceiver in less than perfect condition. His skin prickled. She was close. He sensed her mere feet away. Shallow breaths reached his ears and his body shook. The adrenaline of the hunt always got to him. Electricity sizzled under his skin with every step taken. Anticipation ran through his veins. Grayson rounded the back of the dumpster fast, ready for anything.
Nothing. He straightened. Oh, this woman was good at her job.
Something hard pressed into his lower back as a hand latched onto his shoulder.
“Don’t move,” she said, dark and dangerous.
“A rear sneak attack. Very clever.” Surprise melted into fascination. “You could’ve been with the Bureau, Detective.” He followed her command and remained still. The muscles across his back and neck tightened as he fought his instinct to turn and face his opponent. They were opponents, each on the wrong side of good and evil, although she didn’t know the threat he posed. And that wouldn’t change, even if he was attracted to her. He’d signed the deal. He would get his soul back. “But you’re not armed.”
“Want to find out?” Nika ground whatever she’d shoved into his low back against his spine. Felt like a gun. He could’ve missed a holster when he’d scanned her in the bank, but not probable. He didn’t mess up when it came to weapons. He’d studied guns inside and out, experienced barrels pressed against every part of his body while in training and in the field, and could spot someone carrying a mile away. Had he made a mistake?
“Why are you following me?” she asked.
“I want to find your sister’s murderer as much as you do, Detective. We need to work together. Me with my knowledge of our suspect, you with your skills as New York City’s finest.” A light exhale swept across the back of his neck. He sucked her scent in deep to keep it from vanishing on the breeze. Her hold on his shoulder faltered, but not for long. She didn’t trust him. And she shouldn’t. He’d told her the truth about working together, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have ulterior motives
“Why would you suddenly want to share with me?” she asked. “You made it very clear back there any prior cases were above my pay grade.” She spun him around by the shoulder, his vision momentarily blurring. He met her bright blue gaze. Her pupils widened, and lips parted with a gasp. His body caught fire. A disorienting lightness filled his head the longer he stared into her eyes. Not even death forced him to hold his breath like this. His jacket grew too hot, too heavy.
“Unless you’re not here on official business.” It came out breathy. Her attention settled onto his lips for a second. Then determination hardened her features. She raised a compact .38 Glock 42 to his sternum. “Would explain why you showed up at the scene without a partner.”
She obviously wasn’t as intrigued by him as he was by her, but she’d hit it right on the nose. Hard to track down missing persons for the FBI when he’d technically died at the hands of serial killer last year.
“And if I said I wasn’t on the case officially?” Where had the gun come from? He scanned down her body again and focused on the bottom hem of her left pant leg and not the way her jeans fit her perfect long legs. Creases at her ankle. An ankle holster. That was what he’d missed. Son of a bitch. He was slipping.
 “Then I’d say you better tell me what you’re really doing here before my trigger finger gets jumpy,” she said.

Award-winning author Nichole Severn writes dark paranormal romance and thrilling romantic suspense. She’s the grand prize winner of the 2014 Heart of the West Contest from the Utah Romance Writers of America Chapter and a psychology graduate from Utah Valley University.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent most days at her grandmother’s house watching X-Men, Married with Children and The Simpsons, Nichole migrated to the Salt Lake City valley to live life as scandalous romance author.

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