Monday, July 10, 2017

A New Shifter-Vampire World? Really?

The market of vampire and werewolf novels is so crowded that there’s almost no parking spaces left in the lot. Yet, those of us who need our shifter/vamp fix are dying to find a new story. We crave something different from each read.  We want something hot with a guaranteed HEA and characters we can sink our teeth into. I’m right there with you. I got so desperate I decided to write one.

So, what makes the paranormals in THE WAY YOU BITE different? The vamp and wolves are species. They aren’t made. They’re born into it. Okay, hold on, I know that’s not “new”...just hang in there. As long-lived, aristocratic societies, they prize bloodlines. What better way to challenge the establishment than to toss in what each would consider the absolute abomination: a mix (half vamp, half wolf)? Oh, the horror (insert dramatic hand over mouth). Only, our heroine has no clue she’s a mix of the two oldest bloodlines for each species. Raised in a pureblood vamp family, her father instigated the war against the wolves in the States. She’s not about to believe the “enemy,” even if he is hot and seemingly sincere in his desire to protect her, when he informs her she’s about to be able to shift into something that grows fur. Tad bit life-threatening to grow fur when all the vamps around you are trained to hunt and kill werewolves.

As a writer, I had so much fun writing Lexan and Vee’s story, and creating a different angle in order to bring something fun to the reading experience. Helps, though, to also have two strong-willed enemies who fight their attraction because it’s perceived as “wrong” and, yet, they need each other.


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