Saturday, September 23, 2017

Looking for a Hero?


Since I adore heroes, I thought I’d introduce HOOKED ON A WITCH by sharing the top ten reasons I think you just might fall in love with the hero of this book (Jason Merck):

10) Merck is tormented by a difficult childhood full rebellion, pain and lacking a reliable parent, making trust one of his greatest challenges.

9) Merck doesn’t believe he’s capable of loving, of long-term. The chinks Shannon makes in his armor will make you want to wrap your arms around him and never let go.

8) He’s the son of Poseidon. We could probably stop right there because that’s a wow, but he’s also been reincarnated as the Enforcer, which means he’s slated to patrol the magic world for those who cross the line and put humans at risk. Merck definitely has supernatural skillz.

7) He’s fiercely loyal to those in his close circle. He may not have a huge group of friends but those closest are the only family he’s ever known.

6) He is a romantic at heart. Although he’s never given himself a chance to try long-term with a woman, he’s quirky and cute in his thoughtfulness for Shannon. It’ll melt your heart.

5) He has a strong sense of duty, honor, and integrity. He fights for what’s right, admits when he is wrong, accepts the consequences of his actions without excuse, and fights for the safety of all humans.

4)  At heart he desires a core family. He wants somewhere to belong and people he can come home to. His isolation and loneliness will break your heart.

3) He choses to protect Shannon, even from himself (however misdirected that idea may be), above his own duty and needs.

2) He’s a skilled lover unafraid to show just how much he needs and desires his partner. Just ask Shannon.

1) He’s ah-mazing-ly gorgeous, from his dirty blond hair and blue eyes to the tattoos covering his arms down to his hands and all over the incredible muscles covering every inch of his body.

Need more convincing? Read on…


     “What is it you’re going to do exactly?” Shannon asked. “At least tell me what you’re about to deal with since you’re dumping me here.”
     “A warlock.”

     “What’re they like?”

     I don’t want you to know. “The best plan is for you to get a ride home and text me when you get there. I don’t know how long I’ll be.” Or if I’ll be coming back. As he shifted to give her space to get out of the car, she caught his hand in hers, holding it there.
     “Jason...Merck, be careful,” she whispered, her gaze darting up the paved two-lane in the direction of the dirt road and abandoned house. “This feels really dangerous.”
     Her soft touch trapped him, like a caught wild animal. He shouldn’t imagine kissing her, not right now. Shouldn’t even go there. Something about her concern melted every ounce of his resistance to her. He wanted. Christ, he wanted. He hadn’t felt this kind of all-consuming desire since the last time he ignored his rules to kiss her.
     Her eyes widened and she withdrew her touch. “I’m sure you’ll be careful.”
     “Always am.” Tempted beyond endurance, he captured the back of her head and put his lips to hers. He coaxed her mouth open with his tongue. She deepened the kiss with a groan of surrender and gripped his arms.
     She wanted him. The knowledge was more intoxicating than any high-inducing drug or enticement spell. This was what he’d remembered about her, but had convinced himself was no more than the product of fantasy. Kissing her wasn’t just a kiss. It was a full-body, mind-altering experience. It blocked out the rest of the world and all of reality.
     His brain nudged him about the warlock. Yet, this...this was so much better than whatever sickfest he’d find inside the house. He wanted her, this, and everything that came next. Hell, he’d wanted it, dreamed of it, and run away from it for over a decade.

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