Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Release & REVIEW: Bound in Darkness by Jacquelyn Frank

Jacquelyn Frank's new release is here!

After drinking from the fountain of immortality along with his brothers, Maxum is condemned by the gods to be entombed in the earth. Even though he has now been granted a reprieve by day, each night he is buried anew, his rock-hard body immobilized, his bones crushed by the pressure. When he emerges, his body heals, but his spirit remains scarred. There is only one way for Maxum to be completely free: He must kill the god who cursed him.

The task will require tremendous power, so Maxum must gather talismans to equip him for the battle. To help him on this quest, Maxum approaches the alluring Airianne and strikes a bargain as tempting as it is audacious. A skilled thief, Airianne could be a valuable ally, if only Maxum could trust her. Will this stealthy seductress also try to steal his heart—or will their boldness end up getting them both buried?


The final story in the series…finally Maxum & Arianne’s story. If you haven’t read the others, you can follow this story without any issues, but reading the previous three make this one richer. If you love fantasy and romance, then this is an imaginative novel you shouldn’t miss with its GoT and Lord of the Rings feel without the tricky dialogue of Tolkien. There’s a lot going on in this book, but this author does a great job with the details and character development.
What I enjoyed most was the H/h who just work together (so much more than those in the previous book), although the first half of the book for me had some rough going with likability of the characters, especially the hero. But if you make it to the halfway point, then everything comes together and the story flies to the end.
There are steamy moments, but not too hot. The series is cleanly wrapped up with a sweet epilogue. No spoilers here.

I received this ARC copy of Bound in Darkness from Random House Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

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