Monday, December 28, 2015

New Release & Review: Erin Butler's LAST WISH

It's release day for Erin Butler's Last Wish. This is the second in her New Adult series, Remembering Kyle.

What it's about:

Nothing feels right. Not since my best friend died and I fucked up the one promise he asked me to make. The past follows me everywhere, tangling me up like weeds, reminding me that my life is empty. So fucking empty. 

Then she walks into the bar, all bright beauty and sweet lips made for kissing. 

Em Stewart is a I need to avoid. She’s got heavy secrets of her own, ones she hides from her friends—and lies about to herself. 

No matter how hard I try, I can't resist her, and our unexpected road trip sure as hell isn’t helping my cause. But I’ll be damned if I screw up my first chance at something real...


My Review:
Last Wish is the second book in Erin Butler’s New Adult Remembering Kyle series. I read it as a stand alone as I had not read the previous book. It’s written in first person and head jumps between the two main characters, sometimes within the same chapter. However, this POV works and was enjoyable. The author is highly skilled in grabbing the reader and pulling her into the story. Our heroine, Emily or “Em”, starts the book by ending a terrible, abusive relationship. She finds herself stranded after a bizarre and silly car accident. Her rescuer, Ronan, is an old high school crush. Ronan is a classic angsty tortured hero in need of rescue from his bruised and battered heart.

The relationship between our main characters built quickly, helped by the fact they’d known each other for a long time in a classic friends to lovers trope. Unlike many contemporary romances, it’s not just about sex, which was refreshing. The author sparkles in her ability to weave emotional, complex characters. But the ending twist for this story about two battered characters seemed rushed and illogical.

The characters in this novel and their story do work as a stand alone, but I was terribly frustrated by not understanding what happened in the past. It drove me nuts. We get inferences, but it felt like something big was missing. So, I must recommend read the first in the series before tackling this one.

Overall a fun and fast read.

*Book received from publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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