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About MINE FOR THE WEEK (Wild Love Series #2):

As the top collegiate shortstop in the country, Ryan O’Donnell’s life is about discipline and training. But a growing restlessness causes him to bail on his baseball team over spring break to join his buddies at an exclusive singles resort. He just needs a few days to escape his life, and then he’ll get right back on track. But not twenty minutes after he arrives he meets HER, and the world as he knows it changes irrevocably. It should only be a hookup—that’s what spring break’s all about—but one taste of this sexy, vibrant woman isn’t enough. He has to have her. Even if it’s only for a week.

Sophie Valentine—yes, that Valentine—just found out her siblings want to sell off Crazy Hearts—the Peeps of the Valentine’s Day world. Being the youngest by eight years, she’s used to feeling left out, but selling off her family’s legacy without talking to her first? Not gonna happen. Upset, she takes off with her friends on their spring break vacation. She only wanted an escape—she never imagined meeting HIM. He’s smoking hot and intensely protective of her—and she loves it. But he’s about to start a major league baseball career, and she’s launching a battle to keep the family company. They have no future. It’s just…she’s never felt this way for anyone before.

Are they really going to walk away from this kind of connection…this passion? Or can a week turn into a lifetime?


Mine for the Week is a sizzling New Adult read. With the premise of a baseball player I was all in, but soon to realize it’s not really about baseball. My disappointment didn’t last long as I shifted expectations to a romance about our hero, Ryan O’Donnell, and our heroine, Sophie Valentine,  both in the later years of college and who are both dragged by friends to a singles-only resort in Grenada. Most people are at this particular resort for the easy hookup. Not them. They are each in the midst of a personal life crisis. For Sophie it’s about her siblings desire to sell their cookie-making company when she doesn’t want to. For Ryan it’s about being on the precipice of recruitment to professional ball (I did have issues that the author made it sound like he’d automatically jump to the majors but there’d be at least a while of hell in the minors...but no biggie). He’s burnt out after the years of go-go-go. In the middle of this they discover each other. The author did a wonderful job at exploring this crisis for each character without it overwhelming the story too much and using it as a bonding point for the characters.
Chemistry between these characters literally sizzles off the page. They were great together and I enjoyed that they didn’t jump into bed immediately. They both had some standards (well her more than him...he is a guy).
Overall a fast, fun, super hot read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

(Book received off Netgalley/from author in exchange for an honest review)

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