Wednesday, February 7, 2018


So pleased to introduce THE OFF SEASON and give you my thoughts.
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About The Off Season:
He had it all…

The day Ian “Tag” Taggart’s world comes crashing down around him, he’s sitting in a fast food drive-thru, waiting for an order of fries. Golden boy of the MLB and shortstop for the Washington Rampage, Tag quickly finds himself losing grip on his superstar life with the use of two awful words: sexual assault.

The only problem? He’s innocent.

Tag’s willing to do anything to prove to the world he’d never commit the crime he’s been accused of. So when his agent suggests taking a break from the spotlight, he listens. The quiet town on Maple Lake is everything Seattle isn’t. And Lexi Barnes is everything he wasn’t expecting to find.

Running from a past she can never escape, Lexi wants nothing to do with her new neighbor. But fixing up an old house takes more work than anticipated, and the new guy in town happens to have quite the set of carpentry skills. She won’t let herself fall for him though. She has no room in her life for love.

If only someone would tell her heart that.

He’s funny and charming. She’s closed off and rude.

Together, they’re like fire and ice.

Prepare to get burned this Off-Season.


My thoughts:

I'm a sucker for anything with a baseball player and happily read this as an ARC. I wish this novel had more actual baseball in it, but this was still a fun read. So no need to fear if you're not a sports fan. We've got a damaged heroine, Lexi, running from her past who doesn't feel she deserves a chance a love or even happiness. And, a damaged hero, Tag, running from a false lawsuit for sexual harassment that has almost destroyed his career. Their lives collide in an isolated rural town. The amount of baggage these two characters tote makes for a super slow development of their relationship. I appreciated this. These aren't people who would jump into bed with the first random hottie they come across. With both having huge trust issues, starting a relationship takes time.
However, if you want to read something that gets to the hot-and-heavy fast, this isn't the book for you. This is a book to read in order to savor the slow build-up and the delightful way the author weaves these characters' lives together. By the time they actually became involved the book was almost over.
Megan Green takes us through some great highs and some low lows with this sweet storyline. This is an easy weekend read.  Really enjoyed this one.

About the Author:
Megan lives in Northern Utah with her handsome hubby, Adam. When not writing, chances are you’ll find her curled up with her Kindle. Besides reading and writing, she loves movies, animals, chocolate, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line! You can find her here:

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  3. I am looking forward to reading it!

  4. I enjoyed getting to know your book; congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)